Yamato-e Ink Stick

Item Code: IS41


IS41. Yamato-e Ink Stick

These gorgeous specialty ink sticks are leaf-shaped and feature traditional black sumi ink with a special twist. Each Yamato-e ink stick produces a black writing ink tinged with a gentle hue--choose from Blue, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, or Yellow. We recommend using these ink sticks with the Boku-Undo Suzuki Ink Stone (IS40) it is easier to see when your colors are ready on the white surface of this ink stone / grinding dish than traditional black. For best results, only grind a little bit of ink at a time, as unused ink does not keep. Also available in a boxed set of all 6 colors.

Brand : Boku-Undo

Colors Available:
Red 51
Yellow 52
Green 53
Blue 54
Purple 55
Brown 56

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