Arches WC Travel Journal

Item Code: P2023


P2023. Arches WC Travel Journal. 100% cotton rag and acid-free. 6" x 10", 15 sheets. 140lb Cold Presspaper.

The same Arches fine art paper you love, now in a travel-ready notebook! This fine art paper from Arches is mouldmade in France and is considered the most popular watercolor paper in the world. Arches natural grain features evenly distributed fibers that slacken uniformly when wet, and is the only watercolor paper in the world that is sized with gelatin to the core. This process ensures color vibrancy and transparency while preventing paints from penetrating the paper.

Easily create washes, layer colors, and erase without tearing or lifting. Arches Watercolor paper can absorb large amounts of water with little deformation, and its strength, beauty, and white color will last a lifetime. The rich Cold Pressed surface is fantastic for watercolor techniques, illustration, airbrush, and calligraphy with medium to large pens.

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