Posca Paint Marker, Medium, PC-5M Bold Colors

Item Code: M3005-SBD
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M3005-SBD. Posca Paint Marker, Medium, PC-5M Bold Colors

This medium marker has a 2mm wide, tapered bullet nib. Great coverage and suitable for detailed work. Posca markers contain opaque water-based paint for marking on almost anything: metal, wood, glass, plastic, plaster, canvas and more. Will bond permanently to wood, clay pots, poster board, plaster and other porous materials. Marks on non-porous/sealed surfaces are waterproof but can be removed with an ammonia-based cleaner. Acrylic-type paint is non-toxic, acid-free, odorless, lightfast, and Xylene-free.

This set includes one each of the following colors: Beige, Brown, Emerald Green, Violet, Red Wine, and Slate Grey.

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