Calligraphica Oblique Holder with Adjustable Screw

Item Code: H143
$34.95 $29.95


H143. Calligraphica Oblique Holder with Adjustable Screw.

This wood and steel holder works with most all pointed nibs without further adjustments to the flange. Just rest your nib on the flat tray of the steel flange and tighten the screw with your fingers to secure the nib in place (the flange concept is similar to the Blackwell Oblique Holder). The thumb-screw has a spherical head. This holder has an unfinished, birch-wood staff, and instead of the hourglass shape, the grip has a scooped-out area for your index finger. The angle of the sturdy flange is already adjusted to lessen pen catches on upstrokes. A steel reservoir clip (H143-R) is available for this holder.

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