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S620. Dappen Dish / Dampen Dish.

These small wide-mouthed glass containers with relatively heavy bases are ideal for holding gesso, ink, or gouache.

Peter Thornton used a dampen dish to reconstitute prepared gesso in a gilding workshop that John attended. He put a piece of prepared gesso in one of these small shot glasses, added drops of water, and got the gesso to the correct consistency. He then applied the gesso to his quill or pen from the dappen dish.

Metal Lid: See item S802

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Just Lovely
Feb 16, 2022  |  By A.D.Moore
I have recently bought 2 Dappen dishes to use as inkwells. They are quite lovely and hold enough ink to complete projects that I had been working on. They would make a wonderful gift for anyone who uses a fountain pen or a calligrapher. When buying, don't forget to get the covers which make a nice addition to the dishes and helps keep your ink clean while in use.
Owner Response: You can purchase a dappen dish with a lid, or purchase the metal lid separately. These lids sit on top of the dappen dish and also slow evaporation during breaks in writing. They are not attached in any way. S803 Dappen Dish with Glass Lid S620-L. Dappen Dish with Metal Lid S620-L. Dappen Dish with Metal Lid