Coliro Galaxy Set

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S1072. Coliro (Finetec) Galaxy Set

This set of Coliro Pearlcolors has a unique surface design and introduces six new colors: Sunbeam, Supernova, Deep Space, Dark Star, Meteor, Moonlight.

Finetec has changed the name of its metallic, pearl, & moiré colors to Coliro.The paints have not changed, just their name.

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Galaxy palette
Mar 10, 2019  |  By Nan
The colors are so bright and full of mica! I recommend placing a few drops of water on top of the color you wish to work with and then letting it sit there for a few minutes, then use it. I love the way this palette's colors pop off of the page. Coloring with this set is a joy because of the mica sheen! I have recently been coloring galaxy backgrounds, and this galaxy palette does not disappoint. When using the palette for calligraphy,it is almost regal looking! My favorite color is the gold! Then comes the blue!