Mechanical White Lead Pencil

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S769. Mechanical White Lead Pencil .

Use this fine line (0.9mm) white lead mechanical pencil to draw guidelines on dark paper - then brush off the lines! Similar to the soapstone pencil, but this white pencil lead has a sharper edge, creating a thinner line that is easier to remove.

Each pencil comes with nine 0.9mm leads.

Fons & Porter brand.

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Feb 15, 2022  |  By Anne Louise Angora
I did not get my order yet, has it shipped?
Owner Response: The Mechanical White Lead Pencil was out-of-stock when you ordered, so shipment was delayed for 12 days (sorry!). I see now that your order shipped on the 16th and was delivered by the USPS in two days later.

Dr Carl reports:
Mar 17, 2022  |  By Carlton L Chambers
The white-lead pencil is a dandy. It is perfect for dyed vellum outlining. It is a quality item; as all of John's supplies have been for decades

This is a must in this calligraphers toolbox
Apr 17, 2022  |  By Morgen Machen
This is the best for guidelines/layouts on dark colored paper. Nothing else erases as cleanly or creates such precise, neat lines on dark paper. I purchased this during their spring sale and you'd be hard pressed to find one out there for less -- and I've looked very thoroughly, so I take advantage whenever it comes up on sale.