Moon Palace Vermilion Sumi Ink

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I163. Moon Palace Vermilion Sumi Ink.

This rich vermilion ink from Japan was well-received at a recent IAMPETH convention. It is opaque and easy to write with and comes from the maker of Moon Palace Sumi (Black), one of our most popular black inks. To create a nice brown ink, great for Spencerian Script, decant some of this vermillion sumi and add Higgins Eternal ink, drop by drop until you get the color you desire.

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2-ounce widemouth glass jar
4-ounce square plastic bottle

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The Most Perfect Vermilion Sumi
Apr 17, 2022  |  By Morgen Machen
Moon Palace is an impeccable (black) Sumi ink, so I shouldn't have expected anything less from the Vermilion. Similar to the black version, the ink creates the finest hairlines I've achieved out of the five most common brands on the market. I enjoy the subtly raised effect the ink creates on the script. It's quick to dry and the color and finish are just perfect in my estimation. In color, it's almost identical to Windsor and Newton Cadmium Scarlet gouache, but the hairlines using gouache can't compare. If it's not entirely obvious, I highly recommend!