Nichiban Masking Tape

Item Code: S1145


S1145. Nichiban Masking Tape.

This artist-quality masking tape is renowned for being extremely thin but leaving an incredibly clean edge. Using slow precise movements will allow you to remove the tape while your piece is still drying, unlike other tapes where you have to wait for it to dry completely. The tape leaves virtually no residue after lifting and is a perfect choice for masking. Popular with watercolor painters, architectural model makers, bookbinders, and more. Made in Japan.

Available in 5 sizes:
9mm (0.375 in) x 59 ft.
12mm (0.5 in) x 59 ft.
18mm (0.75 in) x 59 ft.
24mm (1 in) x 59 ft.
40mm (1.625 in) x 59 ft.

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