Pratikpen-T Patterned Pen

Item Code: N216


N216. Pratikpen-T Patterned Pens.

May 2022: The 9mm, 11mm, 13mm, and 15mm are out of stock.

These handcrafted pens are of similar construction to the Automatic Pens, with a straight (not angled) broad edge. Each of the 8 widths of these scroll pens produces a different pattern of lines. You get multiple lines with each stroke. Each nib has one or more cut-outs that create its unique multi-line stroke. Note that the cut-outs make these pens more easily damaged. You need to avoid heavy pressure when writing; it could damage the nib. The staff is beech wood (not plastic like the Automatic Pen). The color of the grip and the stain of the beechwood handle may vary. From Turkey.

Choose from with widths of 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 mm.

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Pratikpen-T Patterned Set
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Pratikpen-R (Ruling Pen)
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Pratikpen-T Set
$172.00Sale Price: $159.00
Pratikpen-R (Ruling Pen) Set
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