Pure Elegance Oblique Penholder

Item Code: H156


H156. Pure Elegance Oblique Penholder.

These delightful oblique penholders are beautifully turned, combining hardwood with a white resin segment bordered by a gold-colored band. The resin segment has a sophisticated ivory-like visual texture. The pointed calligraphy nib is held with the standard metal (brass) offset flange. Use with a pointed nib for Copperplate Script, Engrosser's Script, Spencerian Script, or Modern Calligraphy.

The (near) Black wood version has more decorative turning and is a bit heavier. Its larger resin segment moves the center of weight back away from the nib.

The Brown wood version has a clean design. Both have the Zanerian-style finial at the staff's tip.

The flange fits the Nikko G nib and also works with the other G-nibs, as well as with Hiro #40, Brause Steno, Brause Rose, Gillott 404, and Hunt 513.

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