Raphael Kaerell Flat Brush

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BR24. Raphael Kaerell 8796 Flat Brush.

These brushes can be used for chisel-edged brush writing and watercolor painting. Carl Rohrs finds these water media brushes to be good for lettering. He recommends the W&N 995 (BR01) for ½" & larger. Synthetic bristles.

Brush Sizes:
1/8" size 02
3/16" size 04
1/4" size 06
5/16" size 08
3/8" size 10
1/2" size 12
5/8" size 14

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Raphael Kaerell Flat Brush Set
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Poor quality
Feb 8, 2022  |  By Monica Winters
Only one of the brushes that I ordered arrived, and when I gently pulled the plastic protector roll off to prepare the brush for use, the ferule came off with the wooden handle. Not happy with the quality, and now I am under the gun as the class I needed it for is already in progress.
Owner Response: The wood of brush handles (and pen handles) is a natural material that can shrink or swell depending on the humidity. The air can be very dry indoors during the winter, causing slight shrinkage. Sometimes just pushing the handle back into the ferrule with just a little pressure and gently twisting is enough to secure the handle to the the ferrule. A bit of glue can be added, taking care to keep it from the brush fibers. When you have problems with a product you received from John Neal Books, the best way to contact us is by phone or email (info@johnnealbooks.com). When we are extra busy, product reviews are not checked on a regular basis, but email is checked multiple times a day. A phone call works well too: during regular business hours your call will be promptly answered by a person.