Suzuri Ink Stone / Porcelain Grinding Dish

Item Code: IS40


IS40. White Porcelain Ink Stone / Grinding Dish

Use this small porcelain ink stone to grind colored ink sticks with water to make liquid ink. The surface of the ink stone is slanted. Grind on the higher, more textured part. Grinding the color ink sticks is the same as you would grind black ink sticks, using small circular motions.

The white surface allows you to see the color of the ink as it is ground. (This would be difficult to see with a black ink stone.) If you purchase both light and dark color ink sticks, it is best to have at least two white ink stones. Reserve one for lighter color inks sticks, the other for darker ink sticks. With more, you could have one each for more specific color groups. Use a black ink stone for the black ink stick.

Diameter: 3.5 inches

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