5/8in (Thicker) Century Oblique Penholder

Item Code: H52


5/8" Century Oblique Pen Holder

Joe Vitolo has modified the design of the Century Oblique Holder. The thicker holder may reduce hand fatigue.

These gorgeous turned wood pen holders have a metal flange. They are made to hold the Nikko G and similar sized nibs. They can be adjusted with needle nosed pliers to fit other nibs. Wood Penholder. Wood color varies.

If you would like to purchase a holder that is fitted for a different sized nib, please see item number H54.

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Feb 12, 2014  |  By JY Han
You don't feel it when you're actually using it, but this holder is slightly front heavy (towards the flange). It's very reasonably priced and was fantastic for me when I was first starting out.