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Acrylic Ink

Black Ink  Color Ink  Sumi Ink  Walnut Ink  White Ink 
Ink for Pointed Pen  Ink for Broad Edge  Waterproof Ink  Metallic & Iridescent Ink 
Fountain Pen Safe Ink  Sample Size Inks  Ink Additives/Cleaners  Ink Sets   

I07. Calli Ink
Calli Ink

Pigmented, waterproof ink for fountain pen and dip pen use. Colors are brighter and more opaque than dye ink such as Pelikan 4001, but less so than gouache. Specify color. 1oz.

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I13. FW Artists Ink
FW Acrylic Artists Ink. 38 colors. For dip pen, brush, and technical pens (but not fountain pens). Pigmented, water-resistant. Lightfastness: either 3 (permanent) or 4 ( highly permanent) star rating. Fully intermixable. Can be thinned (with water) for washes which dry water-resistant and additional painting or lettering can be done on top without bleeding or intermixing of colors. In addition to paper & board, will bond to glass, leather, ceramic & wood.

1oz (30ml) glass bottle.

Antelope Brown 222
Emerald Green 335
Flame Orange 687
Flame Red 517
Flesh Tint 578
Indian Yellow 643
Indigo 127
Lemon Yellow 651
Light Green 348
Marine Blue 151
Olive Green 363
Process Cyan 120
Process Magenta 412
Process Yellow 675
Prussian Blue 134
Purple Lake 437
Raw Sienna 669
Red Earth 554
Rowney Blue 119
Sap Green 375
Scarlet 567
Turquoise 145
Yellow Ochre 663

These shimmering inks are a pearl white with an iridescence of the color.
Shimmering Blue 711
Shimmering Red 713
Shimmering Gold 709
Shimmering Green 714

New Fluorescent Colors: Click here to see the fluorescent FW colors.
Blue 100
Orange 653
Pink 538
Red 544
Yellow 681

FW Artist Acrylic Color Chart

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I14. FW Pearlescent Ink
FW Pearlescent Acrylic Ink. 22 colors. For brush, dip & ruling pens. For dip pens, you may need to thin with alcohol and you may also want to bend the reservoir to allow more ink to flow. Pigmented, water-resistant. Lightfastness: either 3 (permanent) or 4 ( highly permanent) star rating. Fully intermixable. These shimmering pigments seem to work best when put down freely rather than built up with successive layers. In addition to paper & board, will bond to glass, leather, ceramic & wood.
1oz (30ml) glass bottle.

Autumn Gold 126
Bell Bronze 110
Birdwing Copper 111
Black 032
Dutch Blue 127
Galactic Blue 112
Genesis Green 128
Hot Cool Yellow 113
Hot Mama Red 114
Macaw Green 115
Mazuma Gold 117
Moon Violet 116
Platinum Pink 118
Silver Moss 129
Silver Pearl 119
Sky Blue 130
Sun Orange 121
Sundown Magenta 120
Sun-Up Blue 122
Volcano Red 123
Waterfall Green 124
White Pearl 125

FW Pearlescent Ink Color Chart

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I16. Iridescent Calligraphy Ink
Dr. Ph. Martin’s Iridescent Calligraphy Colors

These are great. These colors flow out of a broad edge pen like ink. 1oz glass bottles with dropper top. Colors can be mixed. Truly waterproof when dry. The manufacturer says they are lightfast. Copperplate Gold is the most popular color (Copperplate Gold is listed here as "Gold").

Use rubbing alcohol to thin for better flow in your pens.

I16-S12. Dr. Ph. Martin’s Iridescent Calligraphy Colors Set of 12, Set 1 color chart

I16-S12M. Dr. Ph. Martin's Iridescent Calligraphy Colors Set of 12 Metallic Colors, Set 2 color chart

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I113. Lumiere Metallic Acrylic
I113. Lumiere Fabric Paint

Lumiere is a light body metallic acrylic paint, specifically a fabric paint, that is permanent and flexible, that can be thinned down for use as ink for calligraphy. Dilute it with some distilled water and you have metallic ink that flows from a nib!
The colors spread smoothly and stay flexible. Opaque and bright even on dark backgrounds, their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage. The hi-lite colors are best on dark backgrounds. They are also stunning on surfaces like paper, photos, wood, shrink plastic and even Styrofoam. Lumiere may be painted, stenciled, screen printed, airbrushed (when diluted) and stamped. 2.25oz.

Colors available:
Bright Gold
Sunset Gold
True Gold
Halo Blue-Gold
Halo Pink-Gold
Halo Violet-Gold
Metallic Gold
Rose Gold

Limited Quantities:
Hi-lite Blue
Hi-lite Red
Hi-lite Violet
Metallic Copper
Pearl Magenta

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I133. Golden Fluid Acrylic
I133. Golden Fluid Acrylic. 1oz.

Highly intense, permanent acrylic colors with a consistency similar to heavy cream, thicker than Golden High Flow Acrylics. Produced from lightfast pigments, not dyes, they offer very strong colors with very thin consistencies. No fillers or extenders are added and the pigment load is comparable to Golden Heavy Body Acrylics. Fluid Acrylics are ideal for spraying, brushing, staining, and can be mixed with other Golden Products. 1oz (30ml) plastic sueeze bottle.

Recommended by Yukimi Annand.

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I136-S. Golden High Flow Acrylics Set of 10 Colors
I136-S. Golden High Flow Acrylics Set of 10.

Calligraphers are giving this new line of liquid acrylics high marks for use in pen or brush. It is densely pigmented and flows well. It has an ink-like consistency that works for fine lines and broad strokes. (Scribes who use the Golden version have said it is much better than Liquitex Liquid Acrylics!) Recommended for markers and air brush and techniques such as staining effects, leveling colors, and mixed media.

This set of 10 contains the following colors: Hansa Yellow Medium, Nickel Azo Gold, Naphthol Red Light, Quin. Magenta, Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Burnt Sienna, Carbon Black, and Titanium White

To turn the bottle into a "pen", please see our FineLine Applicator, item S936.

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I28. Ziller Ink
I28. Ziller Ink

"I LOVE the new Ziller inks, pink and grey. I am especially happy to have the grey ink as I am doing a lot in graphite now and needed a grey ink to "match" the artwork." --Bonnie Noehr

Pigmented, lightfast, waterproof (acrylic) for dip pens (pointed & broad edge) & brushes. Stir well before using. Dip nib or brush in ink, wipe off excess ink on jar edge or shake pen. Thin ink with distilled water. Intermixable to create other colors. Clean up pen with Ziller Pen Cleaner, which is specially formulated for pigmented, acrylic inks and has better success than other pen cleaners. Glass jars.

Choose: Aqua Blue Green, Buffalo Brown, Cardinal Red, Charcoal, Cranberry, Daffodil Yellow, Flamingo Pink, French Lavender, Glossy Black, Grass Green, Ivory, Lagoon Blue, Mauve Mist, Meadow Green, Midnight Blue, Nasturium Orange, North Wind White, Peach Blush, Periwinkle Blue, Prairie Fire Orange, Soot Black, Spring Green, Sunflower Yellow, Tranquil Taupe, Wild Rose Pink, Wild Violet, Winter Sky Gray, and Wisteria.

A new color, Azure Blue, will be available soon (late 2018/early 2019).

Prices of colors vary.

I28. Ziller Ink color chart

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