Spectralite Private Collection

Item Code: I151


I151. Dr. Martin's Spectralite Private Collection

Made from the finest ground pigments in the world, Spectralite Private Collection is a liquid acrylic that flows like watercolor. Excellent on paper and canvas; can also be used on wood and metal. Brilliant color, lightfast, and waterproof.

***Dr. Martin's discontinued the original Spectralite Acrylic, which included 8 metallic colors. Most of those metallic colors can be found in item I16 Dr. Martin's Iridescent Calligraphy Ink. The original Spectralite was packaged in slim plastic bottles; the Private Collection is packaged in glass dropper bottles.
Available in three metallic colors:
Copper - virtually the same color as the original Spectralite
Gold - the color is not quite as bright as the original 18 carat gold; this has more of a reddish tint
Silver - the color is brighter than the original

Also available: Matte Black and White.

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Love the gold-can't wait to try silver...
May 23, 2017  |  By Sidney Vallon
I do a lot of addressing in gold, and often clients are concerned that it's not going to be readable, so I usually mix in a tiny bit of copper to be safe. But the new gold is just darker enough that I don't have to do that- and I love its flow!

Five stars, not one-
Sep 21, 2017  |  By Sidney Vallon
I made an error when submitting my previous review-this ink is great!