Paperfinger Supply Kit #2 : Complete Collection

Item Code: PF02
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Paperfinger Supply Kit #2: The Complete Collection

Kit contains:
H69. Speedball Plastic Pen Holder
N113. Nikko G Nib (quantity: 2)
N81. Hiro / Leonardt #40 Nib (Blue Pumpkin)
N77. Hunt 101 Nib
I43. Best Bottle Sumi Ink
I38. Dr. Martins Bleed Proof White Ink
I27. 18 carat Gold Spectralite Ink
I28. Ziller Ink Soot Black
GL07-S6. JNB Guidelines Set of 6
S934. Small Screw-Top Dinky Dip (square)
P53. Rhodia Blank Pad (Unlined)
P25. JNB Practice Pad (50 sheet)

If you would like to have a different color of the Ziller ink you can request a different color in the notes on the shipping page. You can choose from these colors (at no additional charge): Charcoal, Cranberry, French Lavender, Ivory, Mauve Mist, Peach Blush, Periwinkle Blue, Spring Green, Tranquil Taupe, Wild Rose Pink, Winter Grey, Wisteria.

For Paperfinger Supply Kit #1: Basic Kit, see item PF01.

Additional items that you may want to include:
S1013. Artograph LightPad
S939. Wafer Light Box
GL07-S6. JNB Guidelines Set of 6

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