Painting Words

Supply List:
  • Pointed Nibs you like. Suggest: Nikko-G, Zebra-G or Tachahashi(N113, N118, N137)
  • Pen Holders: Oblique or Straight; (H113, H114)
  • Broad-edged nibs: Speedball C2, Brause 3mm OR Parallel 3.8 without cartridges; (N09, N02, FP67)
  • Ink: Walnut or Peliken 4001 to practice lettering; Sumi Ink -i.e. Moon Palace for lettering on painted surface; (I70, I04, S449)
  • Gouache: bring a couple of colors you like; Watercolors in tubes or pan sets (i.e. Prang); (S808)
  • Mixing brush; (BR43)
  • Mixing palette; (S679)
  • Water container; (S992)
  • Paper towels; (S817)
  • Small pointed Brush - #2 or #4; 1/4" or bigger Sumi or Bamboo brush, for Washes; (BR26)
  • Pencil; (S142)
  • Ruler; (S270)
  • Eraser; (E13)
  • Embossing Stylus; (S478)
  • Pigma Micron - 01 or 03; (M17)
  • Xacto Knife; (S417)
  • Cutting Mat; (S504)
  • Gold Powder (optional); (I139)
  • Dr. Martin's Bleed Proof White (optional); (I38)
  • Quotes you like or I'll supply;
  • Practice Paper: Canson Pro Layout Marker pad (9"x12"); (P32)
  • 2 sheets Stonehenge (or equivalent), one sheet in white, creme, natural or grey, and one in black. Cut or tear these to 7" x 11"ish (I like to keep the deckle edge at the bottom of my page) You can get about 8 sheets/pieces from one large sheet if you cut lengthwise fi rst, that's the 11.25" size, then cut to 7" width.) (PS95)
  • Your Enthusiasm and Smiles!
  • $5 material fee for handout booklet and I will bring along some unusual tools to try.
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