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N118. Zebra G Nib.Similar to the popular Nikko G Nib, but a little more flexible and sharper. It will produce a finer hairline than the Nikko. Same sturdy quality. If you are using the Nikko G but wou…

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N118. Zebra G Nib.

Similar to the popular Nikko G Nib, but a little more flexible and sharper. It will produce a finer hairline than the Nikko. Same sturdy quality. If you are using the Nikko G but would like to be able to write with thinner hairlines and thicker strokes, give these nibs a try. Michael Sull still recommends the Nikko G nib as best for learning Spencerian, but this Zebra G Nib is a good one, too, for Spencerian.

- Great nib for pointed pen scripts
- In JNB Pointed Nib Sampler (N154)
- Made in Japan
- Chrome-finish steel
- Stamped on nib: G / Zebra
- Recommended by Michael Sull for Spencerian
- Sharper point and more flexible than Nikko G

Just wanted to let you know about my experience with the ZEBRA G nibs: Santa was very generous to me this year and I got a dozen. I pulled the nibs out to play with this weekend and I have found my new love. I used the nib with Walnut Ink and the hairlines, so thin, so smooth, with a light touch and the nib skated effortlessly across the page. I really enjoyed working with this nib. If you haven't had the chance to try this nib out yet, it's worth the couple of bucks. I haven't tried any of my other inks, but I will be doing that this week. So far, I'm loving these nibs. Don't know if they are workhorses yet - I only had them a few days. - Ilovepenmanship

I love them too. The nibs are great with the iron gall inks because the ink does not eat the nib as fast. Great hairlines and just enough flex for shades. Much thanks to John Neal for these!!! - Nan DeLuca


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6 Reviews

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    Posted by Michelle Robnett on Nov 24th 2021

    I learned Engrosser's Script with an LPEF & a Hunt 101. I have a very heavy hand, so my shades are just too heavy. I tried the Nikko G but it was way too stiff to write with, so finding the Zebra G was just amazing! The Zebra G was still flexible enough to write with and achieve hairlines and shades without having w-i-d-e shades, yeah, yeah!!! I am so happy I now have a nib that works for my hand!!! Thank you JNB for all your nib education on-line, it helps so much when making nib selections!!

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    Zebra G

    Posted by Mathew on Oct 19th 2021

    Of the G-nibs, the Zebra G is the best for flexibility: it produces the finest line and thickest swells (for a G-pen). The Nikko G is stiffer nib. It requires a bit more pressure for swells. Neither will produce the luscious thick swells that you can get with a Brause 66EF, Gillott 303, Leonard Principal, etc. However, the G-pens are sturdy and are more durable than those nibs.

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    Zebra G

    Posted by Cathy G on Sep 16th 2021

    The Zebra G is a great nib, but it is not for small writing. It requires a firmer hand

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    N118. Zebra G Nib Review

    Posted by Kurt Laws on Jul 15th 2015

    I have a love/hate situation with the Zebra G Nib. The nib performs very well but I am extremely light handed and hate to push a nib with as much pressure as this pen takes, I use very thick paper 190grams per sq meter with this nib because it usually cuts into the surface of the paper and will damage or cut through thinner paper. The Leonardt Principal EF Nib which I find surperb for my lighter touch preference.

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    Zebra G

    Posted by JY Han on Feb 12th 2014

    This is a lovely nib. It's fairly stiff and can easily be used for monoline writing. Provides wide, easily controllable swells. Most notably, it is incredibly smooth.

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    Really very good for calligraphy

    Posted by Parinda Sarkar on Feb 7th 2013

    I use the nib for copperplate calligraphy

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