Younghae Chung - Fearless Flourishing

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Fearless Flourishing
Overcome your fears and join me in this 7- week course as we learn how to add charm and beauty to your letters through flourishing. Class runs from September 7 - October 25

Supply List:

  • Workshop Dual Holder (H129)
  • Moon Palace 2oz (I70)
  • Brause Steno Nib 361 (N90)
  • Hunt 22B (N93)
  • Nikko G (N113)
  • Leonardt Principal EF (N120)
  • Gillott 404 (N74)
  • Walnut Ink (I53)
  • Moblique Pastel (H133)
  • Moblique Metallic (H134)
  • Bleedproofwhite Ink (I38)
  • Wooden Oblique with Screw Flange (H120)
  • Vermillion Ink (I163)


  • Logos Copperplate Practice Pads (P86)
  • Small Screw Top Dinky Dip (S934)
  • Canson Pro Layout Paper (P32)
  • JNB Graph Pad with Slant Lines for Copperplate (P01-8) (P01-11)