24-Well Clear Plastic Palette

Item Code: S1108


S1108. 24-Well Clear Plastic Disposable Palette.

Amity Parks uses this clear, hard-plastic palette when working with Bister Ink. The wells have straight sides, a 5/8" diameter, and a nearly 7/8" depth -- making it great for dipping. It is like having 24 dinky dips all in one piece. The lid doesn't fit tight, but with Bister it doesn't matter as you can add a drop or two of water if they evaporate a bit. Overall dimensions: Approximately 5"x3.25" x 7/8".

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Smart Use
Aug 15, 2020  |  By Arlen Herb
I use dip pens with many small amounts of gouache colors at the same time on projects. This is such a clever adaptive use of an item. Thank you Amity Parks for sharing! I was so excited when I realized the small dinky dips actually fit into the wells and keep them grounded as I work. Now...if only they could fit ALONG WITH the caps on --- too tight unless I use every other well. But still love it and will use lots.