Suzanne Cunningham's Rapid Liner by inkmethis

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S3005. Suzanne Cunningham's Rapid Liner by inkmethis

This envelope ruler is the perfect solution for addressing envelopes that are too opaque for light pads! Suzanne Cunningham from @suzcunningham asked Kestrel from @inkmethis to make the Rapid Liner based on her favorite envelope guidelines. After testing this prototype, they decided that the worldwide calligraphy community needed this tool too!

For easy erasing and to prevent scoring of the paper, allow your pencil to glide lightly across the envelope with little to no pressure applied. Can be used on any size envelope. Glamorous gold color. Specifications are as follows:

4mm x-height
6mm number height
55° and 52° slant options
2:2:2 ratio with overlapping lead
Credit card thickness; heavier weight than typical envelope rulers
Made from die-cut metal to prevent the thin strip for the number line from flexing as your pencil runs across it

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Worth the price!
Nov 21, 2022  |  By Helga Sheppard
This is a solid sturdy metal template that makes addressing envelopes so much easier. Not necessary, but a convenient tool to have.