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American Cursive Handwriting (Student : Loose Sheet) by Michael Sull

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B3304. American Cursive Handwriting (Student Edition) by Michael Sull with Debra Sull. 2011. 320pp. 8.5"x11". 3-hole punched and shrink-wrapped for shipping. Place the book in your own binder (not sup…

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B3304. American Cursive Handwriting (Student Edition) by Michael Sull with Debra Sull. 2011. 320pp. 8.5"x11".

3-hole punched and shrink-wrapped for shipping. Place the book in your own binder (not supplied) and remove the pages as necessary. Practice on a single sheet on a desk or table and return the completed sheet to the binder to keep track of your progress. A thorough presentation of traditional penmanship for grade 5 through adult.

Includes historical background, detailed information on writing position, writing zone, paper movement and recommended sizes of writing. The single volume contains both a teacher guide and the student workbook/copybook. The thorough lesson plan guides the user in a straightforward, step-by-step progression to improve handwriting skill. The instructional program consists of: Traditional Movement and Cross-Drill exercise sheets with instructions for daily use.

Over 150 copybook sheets in the time-tested method of practice, boasting more than 375 model lines of writing and 1,575 blank lines for student use. Detailed pages on letter and number construction. Specially designed practice sheets featuring a progressive format of guidelines to focus the student's efforts from basic letter size, height, spacing and slant to spontaneous writing upon a single baseline.

Additional chapters feature selected quotations, poems, excerpts from literature and Scripture for further practice; comments on the tools of writing, with special information on the use of fountain pens; the techniques of how to write a personal letter; ten important rules of handwriting; and blank guide sheets in all formats presented in the book.

American Cursive Handwriting is similar to Business Writing or the basic, unstressed forms of Spencerian Script. Michael Sull is author of instructional books and DVD's on Spencerian Script and Off Hand Flourishing.

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4 Reviews

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    Learn/teach cursive

    Posted by Sabra Kuykendall on Dec 4th 2023

    Want to learn cursive? Want to teach it to your kids or grandkids who may not be taught cursive in school? This is your book. It’s perfect. Be sure to have a 2” 3 ring binder to put it in. One inch was not big enough to turn the pages without tearing them. If kids don’t learn cursive, they will not be able to read the constitution or other historical documents. If they learn cursive, they will have a special skill. This is the book.

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    American Cursive Handwriting

    Posted by Barbara Dean on Dec 4th 2023

    This is an awesome book for anyone certified to teach American Cursive Handwriting. It makes lesson planning so much easier.

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    An Excellent Workbook

    Posted by Shelagh Mitson on Jan 9th 2023

    This is a comprehensive workbook for learning American Cursive Handwriting. Although it has not yet been used, I can see that it will prove to be an excellent tool. The item arrived promptly and was well-packaged to avoid damage. It is worth reiterating that this item is loose-leaf and requires an American-size binder in order to keep it together. However, being able to remove each page before use will, I'm sure, work very well.

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    Helpful product

    Posted by Daniel Betry on Nov 19th 2022

    Ordered American Cursive Handwriting course in loose leaf three ring format. Arrived in a timely way, in perfect condition. Quality of product is excellent. Haven't had a chance to start using it yet, but have perused the entire course and content looks very helpful. It appears the only limitation to the course would be the user's dedication to practice. Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

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