Automatic Pen Set of 6

Item Code: N27-S6
$89.70 $86.95


N27-S6. Automatic Pen Set of 6.

Set includes 1 (1/16"), 3 (3/16"), 3A (1/4"), 4 (5/16"), 5 (1/2"), 6 (3/4").

These poster pens are made of a non-rust nickel silver with a plastic handle. They produce very thin thins. Use them with the tooth blade uppermost. Clean with warm water after use. A new pen should be filled and worked gently on paper
until the color (ink) flows. Any possible sign of scratching will soon wear off with use.

Click here for a how-to information sheet.

If you would prefer to substitute other sizes in the set, we are happy to do so. Just leave a note in the special shipping instructions. Tell us all six sizes you would like in the set and we will adjust the order before we ship. You can substitute Scroll (4 different sizes), 5-line, or the normal line 3A, 4A, or 6A.

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