Brause Set of 9 Nibs

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Widely used by professionals, the Brause Nibs are also the best calligraphy nibs for beginners. Stiff, durable high-quality nibs from Germany. Oblique cut calligraphy nibs, with the reservoir on top. If you have a heavy hand, Brause Nibs will work well. You can't go wrong with these chisel edged dip nibs for Italic, Blackletter (Gothic/Old English), and other hands. (Bandzung)

Sizes in set:
1.0 mm
1.5 mm
2.0 mm
2.5 mm
3.0 mm
4.0 mm
5.0 mm

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Reliable nibs
Oct 7, 2015  |  By Iain Bankson
I have been practicing calligraphy for two years and have tried several nibs. Mitchell, Hiro, Speedball, and some smaller brands. These Brause nibs are my favorite. I have never gotten a dud, they are easy to load and clean, and they sharpen well. As the product description says, they are rather firm, so keep that in mind when ordering them.