Brause Slim Holder + 515 Nib

Item Code: H84


H84. Brause Slim Holder + 515 Nib

A short, light, slim, red holder with a Brause 515 tubular nib permanently attached.

Holder part is 4.25" (11mm) long. The holder is not available without the nib.

JNB Item Code: H84
Item Name: Brause Slim Holder + 515 Nib
Grip Diameter (mm): 4
Grip Diameter (inches): 0.157
Length (cm): 14.2
Length (in): 5.6 (w/ nib)
Weight (gm): 2.8
Weight (oz): 0.1
Staff Material: Wood
Staff Shape: Straight
Nib Hold: Permanent

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Brause slim holder
Feb 23, 2022  |  By Chelsea Huegel
This is one of my new favorite nibs and holder. I like to do a little bit of copperplate calligraphy and found this to be great.