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B4179. The Calligraphy Revival: 1906 to 2016. by Jerry Kelly. 2017. 120pp. 9"x12". Hardcover.

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Presents a collection of major calligraphic art by over 70 Western artists from 1906-2016, selected by Jerry Kelly. Full color throughout, it includes work from Edward Johnston and Rudolf Koch and their disciples through to present-day practitioners. The book demonstrates how alive--even thriving--the art is in the West in the computer age. It also provides context for those who have more recently come to the lettering arts. In addition to the works, there are brief biographies of all the calligraphers.

The Calligraphy Revival errata:
Calligraphy of quotation from Jacqueline Svaren on page 88 is by Douglas Havach.
Alphabet stone on page 55 is by John E. Benson, not David Kindersley.

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