Carol's Ink Magic Kit

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K130. Carol's Ink Magic Kit

While working with both Dark Blue and Yellow Ochre Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Inks, Carol DuBosch came across something special. She found that by dipping in one ink, then water, then the other ink, she could write in a wonderful mix of different colors. Depending on the particular mix of Blue and Yellow inks and the water, the colors were far from what you would expect -- it was ink magic! Carol was kind enough to share her discovery in Bound & Lettered issue 14.4.

This kit contains all that you need to create your own ink magic: a full-color copy of the B&L article with instructions for the technique and many examples of Carol's delightful calligraphy showcasing this ink magic, the two inks, and a 6-well mixing palette.

Carol DuBosch lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She is a full-time freelance lettering artist who teaches calligraphy classes in the Pacific Northwest, and workshops for guilds throughout the United States. She frequently posts her work on Instagram: @caroldubosch

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What a good tip!
Oct 3, 2021  |  By Linda L Weeks
I've always wondered how the artists that letter individual letters in different colors managed to do that, I mean, surely you don't have a dozen ink bottles all going at once, and then cleaning the nib with each swipe, but Ms. Dubosch put together this handy tip for John Neal...using two inks, with some water, and voila, a variety of earthy, delicious colors. Glad I got the kit! -and the colors are beautiful and vibrant on their own, as well. Thank you!

Big power in a tiny package
Feb 2, 2022  |  By Joan Passarelli
This kit is great! Carol's notes and illustrations show you how to unlock the magic of combining just two inks from Winsor & Newton. Right away I was able to conjure up a whole spectrum of beautiful, harmonious colors. And the mini six-well palette is great for other uses, as well.