Copperplate Kit:Deluxe: No Book

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Deluxe Copperplate Kit -- No Book
Same as Deluxe Copperplate Kit, but without the book.

All the items you need to learn Copperplate: Blackwell Plastic Oblique Holder, Gum Arabic Powder, 2 JNB "Mastering Copperplate" Practice Pad (8.5"x11", 50 sheets), Canson Pro Layout Pad (9x12, 50 sheets), 6 Nikko G nibs, 3 Hunt 56 nibs, 1 Zebra G nib, Higgins Eternal Ink.
The Blackwell Plastic Oblique Holder has the metal flange that allows you to easily use most any pointed nib and also adjusts the angle of the nib to the paper to reduce catching on upstrokes.

For beginners, Eleanor Winters now recommends Nikko G Nibs, which were not available when she wrote her book Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy. This kit includes 6 Nikko G Nibs, in addition to the nibs above.

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