Logos Calligraphy Copperplate Kit

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K120. Logos Calligraphy Copperplate Kit

This kit contains all the tools needed to learn Copperplate Calligraphy. The portable pads were thoughtfully created to help you build muscle memory and take your calligraphy to the next level! Perfect for those who are just getting into calligraphy or for seasoned calligraphers who desire to refine their script.

Pads are 7"x10" and feature:
Gold foiled textured cover, Traceable letters, Instructional letter breakdowns, Perforated pages (43 sheets), Extra pages for practice.

Kit contains:
Uppercase Pad
Lowercase Pad
1-ounce jar Moon Palace Sumi
Dual Use Workshop Penholder
Nikko G nibs (3)

These pads work well with the following inks: Sumi, Acrylic, McCaffery's; thinner inks (walnut, Higgins Eternal) might feather a bit.

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