Curved-Line Template

Item Code: S1133


S1133. Curved-Line Template.

Specially designed for calligraphers, and is used for drawing parallel curved guidelines for words or phrases. You use the same curve for baseline and x-height, carefully moving the template to the desired height. There are 3 different arcs and 5 different compound curves--all with a center mark. Create banners or waves of writing. There are also cartouches and other shapes plus an inch ruler on one 5"-edge, metric on the other. 5" x 8", clear.

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Helpful tool
Jan 31, 2022  |  By Janet Mallett
This is a helpful tool for calligraphy envelopes and cards. I'm so glad it was available at John Neal.

A lightweight little template
Mar 5, 2022  |  By Marguerite Blythe Katchen
This template is great for drawing lines, such as when you want a curved line on which to letter. Easier than getting out the French Curves.