Davey Board (70 pt pk of 10, 5.25 x 7.25)

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S716. Davey Board 70 pt. (0.070" thickness).
10 sheets per package, 5.25 inch by 7.25 inch.
The grain runs parallel to the long dimension (7.25") Great for a 5 inch x 7 inch text block, vertical book.
This is true Davey Board (Red Label), the best book board on the market! Approx. 1.8mm, 1/15" thick
Order 2 or more packs and save.

These boards are cut to size in stacks on a regular guillotine cutter. There can be some slight variation in size. For most applications this will not cause any problems. On occasion some boards in a pack will not be cut perfectly square. Usually this is too slight to matter for many projects. However, if you get boards that are not suitable for your project, let us know and adjustments will be made.

We stock the following sizes of Davey Board:
70pt: 5.25 inch x 7.25 inch
70pt & 80pt: 9 inch by 11.5 inch

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