Diane Townsend Soft Pastels

Item Code: S885
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S885. Diane Townsend Soft Pastels. Set of 12. Soft form, approx. 1-3/4" long and 3/4" thick.

Handmade for artists, these are smooth, flowing pastels, rich in pigment. They are used and highly recommended by many calligraphers, including Heather Held and Sandy Wagner.

Choose Metallic or Intense/Primary:

Metallic Set of 12. Warm Red Gold (Medium, Deep, & Light), Green Gold, Green Gold Medium, Green Gold Light, Aluminum, Steel, Copper (Deep & Light), Bronze, and Black Gold.

Intense/Primary Set of 12. Bone Black, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Blue, Green Oxide, Permanent Green Light, Hansa Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Tuscan Red, Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Violet, and Burnt Sienna.

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