Dominant Industry Ink

Item Code: I169


I169. Dominant Industry Ink. 25ml bottle.

These spectacular inks from Dominant Industry are made in Korea and featuring stunning hues, shimmering glows, and multi-color halo pearlescent effects. Each ink is infused with metallic particles, therefore we recommend shaking gently before use to make sure they're evenly distributed. Hologram, Chrome, and Champagne Gold are from Dominant Industry's mirror finish line; each ink dries with a stunning reflective finish.

The following colors are NOT safe for use in fountain pens: Hologram, Chrome, and Champagne Gold. All other colors are compatible with fountain pens, but like all metallic fountain pen inks, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your pen after use. Due to the chemical make up to allow for the metallic shine, these three inks have a strong odor.

Each bottle comes in a cloth bag with one pipette and packaged in a kraft box. All colors are great for use with pointed and broad edge dip pens.

Note: Chrome should only be used with a dip pen. It will destroy a brush and must be cleaned with acetone.

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