Ecoline Liquid Watercolor

Item Code: I153


I153. Ecoline Liquid Watercolor. 30ml (1oz), dropper bottle.

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A free-flowing ink in a wonderful selection of very vibrant colors, which are transparent (except Black) and non-waterproof. The colors mix well and allow for beautiful gradients. Used primarily for pen, brush, and airbrush. But especially popular for folded and ruling pens. Works well in the Osprey Zebra G Titanium Fountain Pen and Pilot Parallel Pens, use in other fountain pens with care. See drop down menu for available colors!

Recommended by Thomas Hoyer, Kei Haniya, and numerous other calligraphers.

Ecoline has updated their bottles to a round dropper bottle. Only the Light Orange and Chartreuse are in the old square bottle.

Also available as sets (I153-S5, I153-S10) and sample size jars (SA-I153)

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