Folded Ruling Pen

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N30. Folded Ruling Pen.

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Introduced at Letterforum in 1995, this innovative lettering tool has been popular ever since. Use it to produce tight "brush lettering" with a pen or for wild, fun, expressive lettering. These are the originals made by Matthew Coffin and highly praised by Carl Rohrs and Peter Thornton as superior to others that are available.

Matthew individually adjusts each pen so so that the blade-gap is just right.

Peter Thornton has his students use our Polishing Paper (S107) to lightly abrade the outer and inner surfaces of the Folded Pen. This allows the ink to spread out on the pen instead of beading up.

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Ruling Pen
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A Very Wild Instrument
Mar 13, 2018  |  By Tyler Montbriand
As a brush, it is excellent. It takes a great deal of skill to use this instrument as a *pen* however. It is difficult to tell what stroke width you'll get without a lot of practice, and it will change as you move your hand across the page - again, unless you have a lot of practice. The curved blade makes it difficult to draw sharp beginnings and endings, as well as giving the strokes their characteristic rough edges. It's more like a round chisel than a square one. The nib is durable and stiff, made of brass, and its vanes are in proper alignment. The holder is exactly what it looks like - a standard speedball. The whole kit comes in an attractive oval plastic tube.