Gum Sandarac (Finely Ground)

Item Code: S123


S123. Gum Sandarac.

January 2023: All sizes are currently out of stock.

Used on vellum and paper just before writing to achieve fine hairlines. Will help produce crisper letters. May stop bleeding, feathering.

Choose 1/2oz, 1oz, or Bag.

1/2oz and 1oz: Tie up in a small square of cotton cloth, and lightly pounce onto your paper to produce finer thins.

Bag: A small drawstring (cloth) bag of ground gum sandarac ready for you to use to correct slight bleeding or to get thinner thins. Dab the sandarac onto the paper through the cloth & then hold the paper vertically and tap off any excess. Contains 1-ounce gum sandarac.

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gum sandarac is magic
Oct 22, 2021  |  By Mandy
Years ago my calligraphy teacher showed the class how to use gum sandarac to prepare paper to accept ink without bleeding. Some wonderful papers just need a LITTLE help to give crisp letters. Sandarac won't solve major bleeding problems.