Herbin Fountain Pen Shimmer Ink

Item Code: I162


I162. Herbin Fountain Pen Shimmer Ink

These new inks with a base color plus silver, gold, and/or red shimmer/sheens work in dip pen, brush, and fountain pens (frequent cleaning is recommended). They are very fluid and work great in a folded pen -- with varying speed and ink load/flow you can get a multitude of effects. Shake bottle well before filling your writing instrument. These "1670 and 1798 Anniversary" inks have special decorative packaging, which is quite nice. The official names (in French) are in italics. 50ml glass jar/bottle hand-dipped in wax. Specify color.

1670 Anniversary Inks:
Carob: Chocolate brown with gold shimmer (Caroube de Chrypre)
Emerald: Green-blue ink with intense red sheen and gold shimmer. (Emeraude de Chivor)
Hematite: Scarlet Red with gold shimmer (Rouge Hematite)
Ocean: Deep Blue with gold shimmer (Bleu Ocean)
Stormy: Dark Grey with gold shimmer (Gris Orage)

1798 Anniversary Inks:
Amethyst: Rich purple with silver sheen (Amethyste de l'Oural)
Carnelian: Deep Orange with silver shimmer (Cornaline d'Egypte)
Kyanite: Bright blue with silver shimmer (Kyanite de Nepal)

Precaution: shake bottle well before filling your writing instrument. Frequent cleaning is recommended for maintaining your pen.

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