Kuretake Fude Pen No. 8

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M140. Kuretake Fude Pen No. 8

This first-rate pen is highly favored by Paul Antonio for Brush Copperplate; its nylon-bristle brush tip is super flexible, bounces back well, and gives good thick/thin variation. The pen has a juicy flow and cool (bluish) black, dye-based ink. It has a long, slim body and is also called the Fudepen Man-Nen Mouhitsu. From Japan. ("Fude" is Japanese for "brush.")

For refill cartridges, see item M141.

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Apr 24, 2022  |  By sallie
Love the Fude Pen #8, loved the very fast shipping, and love the items you have relating to calligraphy. I support small business 1000%