Kuretake Gansai Tambi 6-Color Sets

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S1007. Kuretake Gansai Tambi 6-Color Sets

Each set has 6 pans of high-quality, mica-based paints for pen calligraphy, brush lettering, and illustration. From Japan. Individual pans are 1"x1.75" and are held in a folded paper tray.

Gem Colors: These colors are metallic-toned and sparkle like gemstones. The opaque color stains the paper and stands out boldly. Includes Gem Red (No. 830), Gem Pink (No. 831), Yellow Gold (No. 903), Gem Green (No. 850), Gem Blue (No. 860) and Gem Violet (No. 861).

This set has been discontinued and has limited stock.
Pearl Colors: These shimmering colors look great on white paper, but not on black paper. The sparkle produced is from mica particles added to the pigment. Includes Pearl Pink (734), Pearl Scarlet Red (731), Pearl Lemon Yellow (740), Pearl May Green (751), Pearl Cobalt Blue (762), White Gold (906).

This set has been discontinued and is no longer available from John Neal Books.
Starry Colors: This palette is similar to the Finetec Gold Set, but the colors have a bit less sparkle, but more shimmer and shine. Starry Color's high-quality pigments were created to radiate from both light and dark paper. Includes one pan of these colors: Blue Gold (No. 901), Champagne Gold (No. 904), Light Gold (No. 905), Red Gold (No. 902), White Gold (No. 906), and Yellow Gold (No. 903).

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