Kuretake Gold Mica Paste

Item Code: S1026
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S1026. Kuretake Gold Mica Paste. 1oz plastic bottle.

This shimmering golden paste has the same mica base as the Kuretake Gold Mica ink (I140). The paste is water-resistant when dry and can be applied pure or diluted with water. It's also ideal for mixing with other watercolor paints, like the Gansai Tambi by Kuretake.

A favorite of Paul Antonio: Flows ever so smoothly in a pointed pen, and it shines even brighter as it dries. I think it is the densest mica gold on the market, and it has the smallest particle size. The fineness of the line you can get without skipping is truly astonishing. You have to get a bottle of this.

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Jul 5, 2017  |  By Nikki
Love the luster! Great price for the amount and quality.

Excellent coverage
Jan 16, 2019  |  By Lucinda
I love the Kuretake mica ink, but this is even better for large area coverage. I mix it with water and it goes on smooth and even.