Luthis Flat Pens

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N156. Luthis Flat Pens.

Chisel-edged pens in wider sizes. The nibs are made from repurposed aluminum litho plates and the handle is a simple dowel. They write similar to Automatic pens but are a bit more flexible.

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#3 (5mm)
#4 (7mm)
#5 (11mm)
#5a (15mm)
#6 (20mm)
#6a (25mm)
XXL (60mm) Out of Stock

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Great Pens
Oct 29, 2020  |  By Marguerite Blythe Katchen
The Luthis pen has a very sharp, flat surface when the pen is held at a 90 degree angle to the paper. It makes bold marks in broad edged pen work. The end can be used to make thin marks that are as long as the pen is wide. One can easily corner on the open (but not the closed) side of the pen as well if one is doing calligraphy such as Carrie Imai's Dancing Pen Italic..