Manuscript Deluxe Fountain Pen Nib Section

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FP103. Manuscript Deluxe Fountain Pen Nib Section

December 2021: Extra Fine is currently out of stock.

Sizes Scroll 4 and Scroll 6 are discontinued with limited stock.

This Manuscript Calligraphy Nib is the deluxe style that is used with the Manuscript Deluxe Calligraphy Fountain Pen Sets. These pen sets are sold in cases and the barrels are smooth. These nib units are longer.

The new version of the nib units are smooth instead of ribbed. Both versions of Deluxe nibs - smooth or ribbed - fit in both the Deluxe marbled holders and the Deluxe black holders.

Replacement nib for the following Manuscript Sets:
FP90 Manuscript Deluxe FP Set (MC1153)
FP96 Manuscript Shadow Calligraphy Set (MC1103)

Scroll Nibs are more expensive than regular nibs.

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