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H136. MoFlange.

June 2022: All colors are currently out of stock at this time.

Personalize your standard Moblique penholders with these chrome-plated brass flanges. Choose from Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold - which match Silver Storm, Golden Sunshine, and Copper Sunrise holders, respectively. Mix or match with your Moblique holders. Switching out is an easy push-and-pull: push the flange up with your thumb while pulling straight out with your other hand. Choose from: Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver.

You can use the MoFlange to personalize some (but not all) other metal-flange oblique holders:

With these holders, exchanging the flange is simple and straightforward (some flange adjustment may be needed to have the pen-to-paper angle the same as with the original flange): Comfort Grip, Blue and Black (H97); Retro Style (H123); Dual Use (H129); Deluxe Turned Wood (H119).

With these holders, a fair amount of flange adjustment will be needed after the exchange: Deluxe Inlaid (H121); Turned Wood (H114, H115).

The MoFlange will not work with these holders: Crystalline (H132).

Click HERE for a video showing how to adjust the MoFlange for different nibs.

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