New Zanerian-Style Penholder

Item Code: H153


H153. New Zanerian-Style Penholders.

The two versions of these sophisticated, turned oblique penholders are designed for different sized hands.

Choose Standard if a somewhat thicker-than-standard penholder is better suited for you. It combines near-black with red-brown hardwoods with a white resin (ivory-like) band. This version is labelled "Stout" in our print catalog and is the same holder as the H121-Deluxe Inlaid Wood Oblique Holder.

Choose Long if a somewhat thinner-than-standard penholder is to your liking. This holder combines near-black hardwood with two decorative resin bands in a long, sleek staff. This version is labelled "Slim" in our print catalog.

For both, the pointed calligraphy nib is held with the standard metal (brass) offset flange.
Use with a pointed nib for Copperplate Script, Engrosser's Script, Spencerian Script, or Modern Calligraphy.

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