Pentel Sign Pen Brush-Tip Set of 6

Item Code: M97-S6
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M97-S6. Pentel Sign Pen Brush-tip Marker Set of 6

This pen's brush-like tip is great for quick, fun writing. Linda Schneider uses it for pointed pen scripts such as Copperplate and Spencerian! Water-based ink. Set of 6 colors includes: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow.

Linda's comments:
"...resembles the same calligraphic line as a nib with the pointed pen. The Pentel pen is easy to carry in a purse or pocket, unlike so many other brush markers on the market. Wonderful to practice lettering outside your studio without having to carry your pen, ink, water etc. I am encouraging calligraphers to write anywhere, anytime, anyplace, like at restaurants (a thank-you with the waiter's name on it), anywhere on the go, on location, even on an airplane."

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