Prang Watercolor Set (16 half pans)

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S609. Prang Watercolor Set (16 half pans).

These inexpensive but good watercolor sets are recommended by many including Barbara Close. Easy to take to workshops or on trips.

This selection of choice pigments, blended with specially formulated binders and dispersing agents, results in a true transparent paint in brilliant colors. White segment non-beading mixing lid attached with stainless steel hinge pin for years of use. Each set comes with a #7 natural hairbrush.

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Prang is lightfast
Nov 16, 2015  |  By Marilyn New
I have done a full sun lightfastness test on these colors and all but magenta are unchanged after six months in a very bright south window. The black is my favorite black paint. These colors are brilliant, clear, and easily mixable.

Light-fast Prang
Aug 24, 2016  |  By Marilyn New
I have done extensive tests for lightfastness with these paints. Every color except magenta is light-fast. I have a piece that used even the magenta that was done 25 years ago. It has lived in sunny rooms and there is only moderate fading of magenta. The other colors are still perfect. I love the clarity of color with these paints. I reach for them often.