Sakura Pigma Calligrapher Set of 3 BLK

Item Code: M82-S3-123


M82-S3-123. Sakura Pigma Calligrapher Set of 3 BLK.

Pigmented, lightfast, chisel markers that are waterproof on most papers. For especially crisp letters, the sides of the tip are reinforced so the nib stays sharp for the life of the marker.

Set of 3 Black markers
Sizes: 1mm. 2mm, 3mm

The Pigma Calligrapher is a unique and durable chisel edge marker that produces crisp edges and sharp hairlines. The hard nylon nib withstands the heavy pressure often applied by a beginning calligrapher. Unlike most calligrapher markers whose "felt" tips wear down with use, resulting in inconsistent, increasingly heavier marks, the Pigma Calligrapher maintains its ability to continually create crisp, flowing lines and letterforms through the life of the pen.

Moderate pressure needs to be applied to cause the ink to flow. And the full nib must be in even contact with the paper. The result is a reliable, smooth ink flow from edge to edge.

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Love these pens
Feb 8, 2022  |  By Monica Winters
Great for everyday notetaking and writing. Makes sharp and crisp edges, almost like a speedball nib.
Owner Response: These broad-edge markers are unique among calligraphy markers. The tip is similar to the Pilot Parallel Pen, in that the writing fluid flows through two parallel plates (metal in the Pilot Parallel Pen, plastic in the Pigma Calligrapher). With the Pigma Calligrapher there is no felt tip to go mushy and the edges stay crisp through the life of the marker. To function properly, have have the entire edge of the writing tip on the paper and apply some pressure when you write.