Sample Size Ecoline Liquid Watercolor

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SA-I153. Sample Size Ecoline Liquid Watercolor

A free-flowing ink in a wonderful selection of very vibrant colors, which are transparent (except Black) and non-waterproof. The colors mix well. Especially popular for folded and ruling pens. For pen, brush, and airbrush. Recommended by Thomas Hoyer and numerous Instagram posts. 1/2-ounce sample size in round plastic jar.

Colors available:
700 Black, 548 Blue Violet, 411 Burnt Sienna, 318 Carmine, 233 Chartreuse, 602 Deep Green, 706 Deep Grey, 237 Deep Orange, 202 Deep Yellow, 656 Forest Green, 600 Green, 205 Lemon Yellow, 236 Light Orange, 337 Magenta, 422 Red Brown, 545 Red Violet, 259 Sand Yellow, 334 Scarlet, 578 Sky Blue, 522 Turquoise Blue, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 505 Ultramarine Light, 507 Ultramarine Violet, 311 Vermillion, 718 Warm Grey.

The following colors have been discontinued: Cold Grey, Fir Green, Light Rose, Light Yellow, Pastel Red, Pastel Yellow, Deep Ochre, Bluish Green, Bronze Green, Prussian Blue, Saffron Yellow, Spring Green, White.

Also available as sets (I153-S6, I153-S10) and 30 ml glass jars (I153)

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Ecoline Liquid Watercolor
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