Silver Silk Triangle Brush

Item Code: BR70
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BR70 Silver Silk Triangle Brush

Triangle brushes have wedge-shaped bristles and have triangular ferrules. Many calligraphers, including Phyllis Macaluso and Pat Blair, use these brushes to quickly create floral elements.

The Silver Silk Triangle Brush is a very smooth brush with silk-like hairs, good flexibility, and excellent moisture-holding capacity. They have great absorbency, color control, and wear-resistance.

Phyllis Macaluso writes the "triangle brush is a miracle tool for creating quick little watercolor motifs for envelopes or any hand-lettered piece" and that they are great for beginners: "With a few simple strokes it is possible for everyone to create beautiful florals and foliates."

See also BR59 Silver (Ruby Satin) Triangle Brush.

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